The Listener

Yoga Therapy for your mind. Uncover Life’s Opportunities. Learn to put your life in perspective in order to calm your mind.

Do you feel like you are not being heard? The Listener can help you find voice and direction in your life. Get guidance to those nagging and reoccurring questions that you have not found the time to answer.

What you have to say matters and the Listener’s #1 purpose is to give you 100% attention.

Do not neglect your inner beauty, your inner body needs attention. The Listener has tools to help you discover some real beauty supplies for the soul. Outer beauty is simply a side effect of radiant inner beauty.

Did you ever just need someone to listen to you with 100% attention. Someone who never judges you or your motives but simply helps hold a mirror up for you so you can see your life from the outside looking in. Someone to help you find answers to questions that seem just out of reach. Answers that you already possess but just can seem to pin down. Simply a different perspective that you are already destined to discover in time.  The Listener simply holds the pieces of your life up for you to see more clearly how they fit together.
Share a part of your life with “The Listener” just for a moment and see the results for yourself.
Privacy and Confidentiality completely  guaranteed.
Try our unique “Babbling Brook” 15 minute initial session and find out what The Listener is all about. The cost of your FIRST Babbling Brook  session with the Listener can be credited towards the future cost of a longer session.
                                The Listener is IN!
        Schedule a DISCOUNTED Face to Face or Anonymous Sessions TODAY
(Introductory 75% Discount for a Limited Time)
  1. 15 minutes with the Listener  (Babbling Brook)       $5  – Regular Pricing:  $20.00
  2. 25 minutes with The Listener (The River)                    $17  – Regular Pricing:  $70.00
  3. 50 minutes with The Listener (The Waterfall)            $30  – Regular Pricing : $120.00

Discounted rates are not refundable or reusable if you miss your appointment without 24 hours notice.


Did you ever feel the need to have someone to talk to, someone who just listens to you intently.  Someone who has successfully negotiated several $100 million dollar challenges of his own and endured the struggles of the smallest internal tug of wars and moral dilemas that keep some up at night. A listener that will not judge you or your motives but simply hold a mirror up for you to look into and see your life from the outside in. The Listener can be that person for you. Fully confidential and discreet. Try The Listener and get help finding the answers to those important questions that have eluded you until now. Simply a different perspective that you were going to discover on your life’s journey anyway, just sooner. Two heads are better  than one. Two brains with one focus on you and your life! Someone to hold the pieces of your life’s puzzle up for you so you can see more clearly how they fit together. An unbiased second opinion based solely on what you say and present. Allow The Listener to listen in to your life for a moment and give yourself a leg up. Trust and confidentiality guaranteed.

The Listener pays attention to your life when you do not have the time or energy to take a step back to decide where you are going. A periscope view into your life, shielded for all other distractions.

The Listener’s Feedback is based on the teachings of the Yoga Sutras, A Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now, Buddhist Teachings and simply being a  Student of Life and observing what makes people happy.


“Thanks for truly listening to me tonight.   Speaking of my life doesn’t always come easily to me and I truly felt comfortable with you and I definitely felt “heard”.  Thanks!!” – November 2013

“You always have a way of helping me look at what really matters and look past the distractions” – July 2014

“Thanks so much for always being a great listener! I actually feel a lot better.” – July  2015


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